Documentation: 7-Eleven Melbourne
A constant WIP project documenting the unique and diverse '7-Eleven' stores of Melbourne. Our goal is to share our wonderful and often elusive retail experiences within these cultural hotspots. '7-Eleven' has offered a convienient and exceptional service to Melburnians since its first store opened on the 24th August 1977, welcoming persons from all walks of life.
Documentation 7-Eleven is an independent, non-comercial, artist driven platform whose mission is to provide free, accessible information to the community. We will not be silenced.

Peruse at your own leisure and inform yourself with our un-bias and brave shopping reviews.
Location: Cnr Elizabeth Street & Flinders Street, Melbourne
Facade: Cool rounded shop front, taking up corner block. Prime location.
Ambience: Very tight. Uncomfortable close encounters. High ceilings.
Key Features: Rounded facade. Hand sanitiser in prime position.
Additional Comments: Unknowingly ordered a large coffee. Fantastic start to the day.
Location: 409 Collins Street, Melbourne
Facade: Unreal. Converted Commercial Building. Retro 7-Eleven Signage. Vintage.
Ambience: Spacious. Double sliding door Entrance.
Key Features: Cool big 7-Eleven Sign in store. Sits under the Commericial Union Chambers.
Additional Comments: Quieter area of the city. Breathtaking internal artwork.
Location: 261 William Street, Melbourne
Facade: Standard. Classic Green, Red and Orange Stripe.
Ambience: Tunes: All the Single Ladies by Beyonce. Tight, battle for hand sanitiser at entrance.
Key Features: Ramp with wildly inaccurate measuring tape. Old Coffee machines.
Additional Comments: Clerk was a cool dude playing Pokemon Go. Very nice.
Location: 39-45 Flemington Road, North Melbourne
Facade: Speaks for itself. Petrol station frontage. Heavily branded.
Ambience: Spacious, plenty of wiggle room.
Key Features: Fancy Coffee Machines. Hot food in healthy supply.
Additional Comments: Got some free Krispy Kremes once. Pretty unreal scenes. Also, the watering hole.
Location: 463 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Facade: Modern. Built into imposing residential building. Heavy branding, well lit.
Ambience: Decent size. Deceptively long. Next to public toilet located on traffic island.
Key Features: Next to public toilet located on traffic island. Hot food is not self serve.
Additional Comments: Good location. Perfect after an ALDI shop.
Location: Shop 67-211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Facade: Incredibly mediocre. 'Epic' signage.
Ambience: Quiet. Relatively spacious.
Key Features: Modern Coffee Machines. Hot food is not self serve.
Additional Comments: Sure we'll go back, nothing special about this one though.
Location: 1/743-751 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Facade: Standard. 'Floor to Ceiling' windows.
Ambience: Decent size. Coffee section quite tightly packed. Friendly Clerk.
Key Features: Old Coffee Machines. Fatal proximity to KFC.
Additional Comments: Cheeky upsell of bannana bread from the Clerk. Not mad.
Location: 197 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
Facade: Cool mirror for drip checks. Lighted sign. Standard doorway
Ambience: Good size. Sanitiser not within reach.
Key Features: Slurpee machine prominent.
Additional Comments: I once bought Pistachios here.
Location: Cnr Queen Street & Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Facade: Funky lit sign. Dark theme. Branded ticker tape.
Ambience: Large. Quiet (Partially due to location)
Key Features: Coffee Machine Window Protectors. Krispy Kreme Signage. Proximity to Traffic Island Toilet.
Additional Comments: Blown away by the interior design. Old coffee machine was a let down.
Location: Cnr Queen Street & Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Facade: Converted industrial facade. Big Yes. Floor-to-ceiling windows.
Ambience: Very large. Slightly eerie, very empty.
Key Features: Architecturally distunguished exterior. No wait times.
Additional Comments: Midnight saussi-saus did not go astray.
Location: 123-125 Bridge Road, Richmond
Facade: Double heritage frontage, gorgeously renovated throughout. A touch of Victorian class.
Ambience: Huge! Seriously won't find much bigger than this. Hum of the hot food machines was appreciated with a cornucopia of options. Coffee machines; All new.
Key Features: A truly awe-inspiring build. An icon of the Melbourne-Urban landscape. Sunken level with huge fridge section.
Additional Comments: Whether you're a visitor or a local, this stunning estate will bewilder you. You'll smile, laugh and cry all at once.
Location: 83 Errol Street, North Melbourne
Facade: Very standard. Not much going on here.
Ambience: Warm ambience, spacious throughout.
Key Features: Close to Town Hall Pub, elite parma.
Additional Comments: Hot food was in healthy supply, it's just a convience store at the end of the day.