✸ Turning Twenty-One

Written by Olivia Maree Davis

It was around 5am when I got in the Uber home and the realisation set in that my friends would be showing up to my house in a few short hours.

I appreciated the irony that I had told them all earlier that night to take it easy when I was the one that stumbled home with hickeys down my neck.

Upon everyones arrival there was champagne being poured, party poppers going off and photos being taken. I went inside with Andre and he gave me a card and some photo’s of us together framed. The sentimentality of the gift and a moment of quiet was cherished but short lived as the bus turned up a minute later.

Boarding the bus was an enchanting bustle of good energy and excitement. The champagne was still being passed around and the music was pumping.

I felt loved and thankful to have found this group of people, as during adolescence I never truly felt apart of a group.

From one winery to the next my head felt progressively lighter and my cheeks hurt from laughing and at the final winery the beautiful weather turned to pouring rain.

Everyone else in the venue cleared out but we still decided to do the tasting huddled around a table undercover overlooking the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley; A picturesque scene under a sky now roaring with thunder.

How very 21 of me, snorting X at a beautiful winery amidst a torrential downpour. The bus ride home I looked out as rain pinged aggressively off the windows. With two boxes of moscato consumed and the tunes still going strong, we headed to the Gaso.